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There are many benefits to entrusting CTT Private Client Wealth as a fiduciary or trustee.

Skills and Experience

There are a multitude of responsibilities to consider when acting as a trustee: protecting the assets, maintaining documentation, keeping accounts, completing tax returns and paying bills, insuring assets when necessary, and distributing income and capital. Our team draw from years of experience to manage trusts – and the duties of a fiduciary – expertly.

Our specialist knowledge means that we can also add value to your assets. With an excellent in-house research tool at our disposal, we have forged many solid relationships with industry partners, giving us the insight to achieve positive returns in any investment climate.


Understandably, many people choose family members when appointing trustees yet it can be difficult for someone to be entirely objective when they are personally connected to beneficiaries.  As a corporate trustee, we can provide peace of mind that the trust is administered as per your wishes and that loved ones are saved from the burden. We provide a truly independent advisory service to our clients and continue to manage the trust you establish with absolute impartiality.


In some circumstances, trustees are appointed who are ultimately unable to perform their duties when the time comes. It can be impossible to predict whether your trustee choices will alive and capable of administering your trust in the future. CTT Private Client Wealth will always be there. If a trustee passed away, it can cost time and money to transfer the legal title of the trust to the new individual. If we act as trustee, the legal title would be in our company name thus any changes in personnel, for example, would have no impact on your trust.

Regulated Protection

We provide a regulated service at CTT Private Client Wealth and as such, you can rest assured that your assets are protected against fraud and theft. Everything will be in safe hands.