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You’ve worked hard for your assets, but are you aware of how much you will need to save and invest in securing the future you dream of? Do you know how much you will need to live comfortably during your retirement?

I am a Business Owner

You’ve worked hard and invested time and money to see your business flourish. If the worst should happen, have you considered what impact it would have on your company or your business partners? Would there be enough funds for it to survive a period of transition? Have you thought about happens when you’re ready to hand over the reins? What lifestyle do you want to lead when you retire and will your finances sustain that standard of living?

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I am Retired or Approaching Retirement

You’ve been accumulating assets and investments over the years and now you want to bring these together so you can control your finances more easily. The risk and return on your investments are also important to you. You don’t want to worry incessantly about world stock markets when you could be travelling the world or making precious memories with your family.

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I am Employed

You might have an ideal age in mind when you’d like to retire, or you might feel as though you’ll be working yourself into the ground and that day may never come.

You’ve had a few jobs in your time, have several pension pots in different places and feel like you could easily lose track of them, never mind making sense of them. You also want to ensure that you’ll pay off your mortgage and have the funds for the fun you’re planning once you’re free from the daily grind.

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