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Your Situation

You’re a hard-working employee who’s given days, months and years of commitment to your employers but now you’re thinking, ‘How much longer?’.

When will that golden age arrive when you can hang up your working hat? You might have an ideal age in mind when you’d like to retire, or you might feel as though you’ll be working yourself into the ground and that day may never come.

Since you’ve had a few jobs in your time, you have several pension pots in different places and you feel like you could easily lose track of them, never mind making sense of them. You also need to ensure that you’ll pay off your mortgage and have the funds for the fun you’re planning once you’re free from the daily grind.

Our solution

Let’s say you had a rough figure of 65 as the age you’d like to retire, so you sit down with one of our many experienced consultants who crunches the numbers for you.

They take the time to understand you and your aspired lifestyle leading up to your retirement and beyond. There’s the pipedream to build the retirement home of your dreams, perhaps.

The consultant does the math and lets you know that if you retired at 65 and lived the life you’re planning, you’d run out of money by 77.

So, let’s make your money work for you. Our specialist adviser can help you to combine your assets in one place to make them manageable. They can also develop a retirement strategy to ensure your savings are tax-efficient and help you make the right investment choice for you whether that’s shares, trusts or ETFs.

Once you know the big number you’re working towards, you understand the reason why you’re working so hard. You can remind yourself of the plan in place and feel motivated because every day is bringing you closer to your magical number and stable future.

This is just one of the solutions we can help you with at CTT Private Client Wealth. Explore more options below.

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Business Succession

Have you considered what would happen if you lost someone vital to the profit or running of your company through critical illness or death? Business protection helps company owners safeguard against the unexpected to ensure that operations continue with minimal disruption.

Disclaimer: This service is regulated by the FCA.

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Pensions & Investments

Have you considered your cash flow as you approach retirement? We can create a retirement plan that utilises your assets. Through pensions, ISAs and investment bonds, we can help you maintain your lifestyle throughout retirement whilst managing your wealth in a tax-efficient way.

Disclaimer: This service is regulated by the FCA.

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Trusts have long been instrumental in mitigation tax and there are many types of trusts with various rules affecting them. We can help you to understand and implement the most appropriate options for your needs and financial goals.

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Inheritance Tax Planning

How much tax would need to be paid on your estate in the event of your death? We can help arrange your financial affairs to mitigate your inheritance tax liability and ensure your beneficiaries receive the maximum possible amount from your estate.

Disclaimer: This service is regulated by the FCA.

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Independent Financial Advice

When you have a range of financial interests, accessing the right financial expertise is vital. A multitude of options are available and we pride ourselves on getting to know your circumstances to find the optimal solution for you. We help you work smarter, not harder.

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Family Succession

You have spent your life accumulating your assets and wealth; it’s vital they are passed on properly. With our trust and fiduciary services, you ensure that, no matter the extent or complexity of your estate, your beneficiaries receive what you wish them to.

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