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Pension Funds that Grow

CTT Private Client Wealth is a team of specialist advisers experienced in developing detailed retirement strategies that minimise tax liabilities, especially if you are a high earner at risk from reduced tax relief. We can help you grow your pension funds to provide the retirement you want. In addition, we’ll manage your assets in line with your changing needs in the future.

In addition, your pension can be a great way to leave assets to your loved ones as they often sit outside of your estate, meaning they won’t typically count towards your inheritance tax allowance. If you have other revenue streams that mean you don’t require your pension during your retirement, you can also leave it invested for your beneficiaries to have in its entirety.

We can provide in-depth advice and support to ensure you fully understand the benefits and potential pitfalls of transferring pensions.

Disclaimer: This service is regulated by the FCA.